About us

Tatiana Consortium is all about Procurement and Contract Bidding. We love challenges and see obstacles as new opportunities. Working closely with our customers we satisfy their most demanding requirements with agile, tailored services. The satisfaction of our customers has led us to become a preferred company in their most ambitious programs.

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Tatiana Fernández Sirera is Head of Economic Promotion at the Government of Catalonia’s Ministry of Economy and Finance. She coordinates the Research and Innovation Strategy for the Smart Specialisation of Catalonia (RIS3CAT) and other strategic and transformative projects.
Before that, she worked for many years as an economic analyst and adviser on EU economic issues. She holds a PhD in European Integration and International Relations from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, a Master of Economics - Europe from the University of Saarland and a Bachelor of Economics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona
Her fields of interest and activity are: public policies for a more sustainable and inclusive society; transformative shared agendas; transformative innovation policy; collective impact and shared value initiatives; participatory monitoring systems focused on learning and on impact of public policies; smart specialisation strategies; responsible research and innovation; public procurement of innovation; experimentation in public policies; industrial transitions; systems thinking for social change.



Our mission

To provide innovative, Procurement and Contract Bidding solutions that help our customers/Companies become more effective and competitive.

Our Values

We are honest, enthusiastic, and passionate about Procurement and Contracts and always strive to fulfil our commitments to our clients. For 15 years, Tatiana Consortium has continued growing and participated in thousands of innovative programs that have helped to improve the communities where we work.

Contract enthusiasts

Technology, innovation, and a customer-oriented culture are crucial to our company’s development. We deliver creative solutions to address current, and future, relationship challenges.

We walk the talk

We are a consistent and trustworthy partner striving to fulfill commitments by always keeping a promise. The ones who make the promise will deliver the service. Our customer’s priorities are ours.

Moving forward together

Tatiana Consortium’s values go beyond technology and innovation. Our staff strive to exceed a customer’s expectations through integrity and a teamwork environment created by listening to and empathizing with the customer.

Challenge seekers

Procurement, Contrat bidding, Intermediary and curiosity are linked together and our staff are extremely curious people. They have contributed to Tatiana Consortium growth and constant search for excellence. We are challenge seekers that see barriers as opportunities.

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Tatiana Fernandez Sirera
Tatiana Fernandez Sirera

CEO and Founder

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